Anyone else seen this ... just showed up on my desktop today after a reboot. WDSC under Virus & Threat Protection it had Setup One Drive or Dismiss. I clicked Setup One Drive (which is already setup) ... just to see what it was and all it did was ask me to sign in to One Drive.
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1. One Drive did update a couple days ago.
2. Both Desktop and Laptop (see specs) have the same version of One Drive (18.091.0506.0006).
3. Have not seen this on my Laptop.
4. I don't have Office 365 or Office of any kind on either PC (if it matters).
5. This is the regular One Drive program, NOT the store app.

Edit: Did a little digging and on my desktop in AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\settings and logs it has a Business1 folder. Laptop doesn't have that folder.