Remove yellow/blue sheild icon from shortcuts Solved

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       04 Sep 2017 #31

    Stop Windows 10 Updates

    Another thing... With Windows 10 Update Running the Windows and System32 folder are being replaced
    and the Blue and Yellow Shield will come back... My Suggestion on top of replacing the imageres.dll...
    which can be done from windows using the script fix.bat from above... is to also turn off and on Win10 Update

    To Turn Windows 10 Update off .... name the .cmd file something like Stop Win10_Update Service.cmd

    net stop wuauservnet
    stop bitsnet
    stop dosvc
    .................................................................................................... ........................................................

    To start Windows 10 Update Made a .cmd file Start Win10 Update_Service.cmd

    net start wuauservnet
    start bitsnet
    start dosvc
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       04 Sep 2017 #32

    Here is the fix.bat ( Lined Up Better This Time )

    TAKEOWN /f %WINDIR%\system32\imageres.dll && icacls %WINDIR%\system32\imageres.dll /grant administrators:F
    rename %windir%\system32\imageres.dll "Imageres_%TIME:~0,2%%TIME:~3,2%%TIME:~6,2%.bak"
    COPY imageres.dll %WINDIR%\system32\imageres.dll

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       04 Sep 2017 #33

    I also notice that if I replace the imageres.dll but don't replace the arrow
    the Blue and Yellow Badges are still there... but if I remove the arrows with a blank.ico
    then the Blue and Yellow Badges go away as well... Seems odd... but I can make them
    go away if I remove both... You also might think about making the iconcache.db a folder
    so that the file iconcache.db doesn't come back... not that that matters... but
    it might mean something. I like to hit the problem with a lot of ammo.
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       07 Oct 2017 #34 having installed version 1709(Fall Creator's Update) yesterday I found myself needing to do this all over again. And I really wanted to see if I could get it perfected. I found a workaround to fix the black squares I was seeing on my non-desktop icons. But I really wasn't satisfied with having to do that. It involved installing a program called Tweak Power by KurtZimmermann SOFTWARE. Which I had no use for, other than for whatever reason simply having it installed made all my non-desktop icons black square-free. Anyhow...long story short...I went back through this thread and decided to try the method of editing the imageres.dll file with Resource Hacker and IcoFX. Just to see if I could get any better results by doing the work myself. didn't work any better on my first try. Second try same thing. But...some-fricken-how on the third try it worked perfectly. No more yellow/blue shields, no more black squares...anywhere. Nice! Though I have no idea why. Since I did the exact same thing as the previous 2 attempts. Whatever works...I guess... same procedure/method I recommended in my last post. Except this time use the edited imageres.dll file(from version 1709) that I've attached here(which is smaller than the one used before from a previous version, and works better for me, hopefully for you too) to replace the one in System32. AND...I don't know how much, if any, difference it makes...but ALSO replace the imageres.dll file in SysWOW64(as recommended by previous posters). Maybe that makes a difference...maybe it doesn't. Maybe more so with a 64-Bit OS...I don't know. It definitely doesn't appear to do any harm. It is the exact same(verified) file in both folders. So there must be a reason for that. And I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want to replace them both. for me. So I recommend you do it too.

    EDIT: And it should go without saying...this might not work as well if you aren't currently using version 1709. I did install the edited imageres.dll from the previous version(not even sure which, as it was never mentioned) on 1709. Which did work just as well as it did with 1703. But I can't speak for using the imageres.dll from 1709 with earlier versions. I wouldn't know if it works or not. I did already mention the file size difference. Don't know if that matters or not.
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       08 Oct 2017 #35

    Here is a good imageres.dll

    My Icons are clean on my desktop... no shortcut arrows and no blue and yellow shield
    it's been that way for about a month...

    Here is a original imageres.dll that I got from a Professional Version that will work for you too.

    The size unzipped is like 23,521,792 kB ( 23.5 MB ) slightly smaller than what is posted above.

    Attachment 157106
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       08 Oct 2017 #36

    That got me thinking. Why not edit an imageres.dll file to get rid of the yellow/blue shields AND the shortcut arrows all-in-one?

    Attachment 157159

    Side note: FYI the shortcut arrow is Icon Group 163. I applied the same method to remove it as for the yellow/blue shield(reduce opacity to -99). All sizes got the same treatment, so you want be seeing them anywhere(not just on desktop icons/shortcuts). Tested and working. See my previous posts, #34 and #27, for more info and how to install. As previously stated this imageres.dll file is from version 1709(Fall Creator's Update). So I don't guarantee it will work with previous versions.
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  7.    31 Dec 2017 #37

    shield change

    @Michael thank you so much this has been annoying me and I tried many things and finally your fix works. :) This site is very good and has very helpful information. Thanks again,
    Michael said: View Post
    After upgrading to Windows 10, some desktop shortcuts have UAC shield icons. Is it possible to remove them?

    Attachment 26944

    EDIT: Here's a solution...
    Launch the shortcuts via CMD:

    1. Right-click the shortcut to Properties
    2. Click Change Icon, then click OK when its window pops up (necessary step to avoid losing the icon)
    3. Add the following, plus a space, to the beginning of the Target field, leaving the existing path at the end:
      cmd /c start ""

    I had previously solved this by editing a system icon file, but that method doesn't seem to be working as of update 1607, plus it was a lot more trouble.
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  8.    09 Nov 2018 #38

    Fix that works on all versions of Windows 10

    Download Remove UAC shield.rar.
    Extract it.
    Copy W10MImageRes.dll too C:\Windows.
    Double click on Remove UAC Shield Overlay.reg, click Yes and Ok.
    Right click the taskbar, choose Task Manager, under Processes find Windows Explorer, right click it and choose Restart
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  9.    4 Weeks Ago #39

    Hi! I was following this thread and I appear to have an issue. I renamed the files as michael said earlier on but I have appeared to not be able to copy and put in the imageres.dll back in so I continued on. I executed the .bat file as posted in michael's guide and the thread that was posted on how to rebuild the icon chache and now my laptop seems to be destroyed. It is stuck in this loop whenever I restart my pc it alternates between the blue loading circle screen and a black screen. I was able to move my cursor but that was it. Please help...
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  10.    4 Weeks Ago #40

    Lycanroc said: View Post
    ...I executed the .bat file as posted in michael's guide...
    The Rebuild_Icon_Cache.bat from here? It wouldn't have caused such mayhem... I would try doing a system restore.
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