I require a dark but low contrast color theme for my visual disability, but I need for it to NOT change the colors in Microsoft Office so that I can accurately work on Word and Excel documents and see the colors. I have a windows 7 theme that works good on my windows 7 machine, but for the life of me I can't seem to make one that works on windows 10! Help?

I'll include some screen captures of my two systems with all the various things open so you can see the differences.

Here is my PERFECT windows 7 theme, exactly as I need it:

Here's the same theme on the windows 10 machine, ALL MESSED UP:

And here's my very best Windows 10 high contrast theme, which does not work because it changes the colors in Microsoft Office:

So, is this fixable? I know CSS, and I'm not a beginner, so nothing is too complex, all suggestions appreciated. I can't seem to make any non-high contrast themes on windows 10 that do not make most everything WHITE, which I cannot use at all. I may have broken something messing in there. All my non-high contrast windows themes make the windows white now, bright white. I would kill to get a nice medium gray... or even black. But it has to NOT effect Microsoft Office.