Windows 10: Another Windows 10 Update, and now my keyboard is skipping letters

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    Another Windows 10 Update, and now my keyboard is skipping letters

    It seems like every time I turn around, Windows is forcing me to let them do another update, and they say that they are going to improve things again.

    But honestly, every single time they do another update, something or even more than one thing stops working properly on my computer.

    This time around, their updates messed up my keyboard, and it keeps skipping letters, etc.

    How can I fix this latest problem that they caused from trying to 'make improvements'?

    I tried contacting the maker of my computer but they just tell me to re-install Windows 10. I have a brand new HP keyboard and it was working just fine before this update.

    Last time they did this my volume control stopped working. The update before that made my videos on YouTube start turning into a black rectangle. And this time around I also had to reset everything, like everything on my Google settings, tell them yet again that NO I don't want Cortana, etc. Why do they keep on and on doing these updates? To be honest, I wish they would stop doing all of these 'improvements' and just make what they already have to work properly, and where you don't have to keep on setting and resetting everything over and over again every time they do an update, and trying to fix some new thing that they messed up by doing another update?

    Is there any way to turn off these updates and where they won't keep on pestering me to let them do it? It's like they try to force me into it. by nagging me half to death till I finally do. This time its like they reinstalled the entire program onto my computer and it took forever. Every time they 'notify' me in the notification center or whatever you call it, and they say they are making 'improvements' I think to myself, Oh God, please not again! Why can't they simply get these programs right and together from the start, and then just leave you alone?

    Probably, by the time they actually 'fix' everything on Windows 10 they will come out with Windows 11.
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    Let me ask first which updates, normal monthly or semi annual updates ?
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    Hi, I agree that the 6 monthly upgrade is problematic for too many.

    If you have Pro you can set updates to Notify you- i.e. you choose if and when to download and install them.

    You can defer feature updates (upgrades) by up to 365 days.

    There are a couple of other options too.

    For all versions: you can stop updates completely- simply search the forum for 'stop updates completely'.
    In general I can't recommend this.

    Windows Update Minitool (free) offers some interesting options.

    Tutorials support hiding (blocking) a particular Windows or driver update, also all driver updates.
    Feel free to search the Tutorial section.

    Personally I can't recall a problem being introduced by updates, and act defensively with respect to upgrades (as do others here) by making sure I have updated my disk images before upgrading, and then afterwards.
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    Windows 10 Pro version Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.248)
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    I also suffer from mouse/keyboard lag and missing keystrokes. I can temporarily fix the the problem by terminating all update activities running in the background. It is my personal belief that the CPU is blocking and this causes lag and missed keystrokes.

    The severity of this problem is magnified when Windows is not connected to the internet.

    Windows Update only does system software updates, but other types of updates exist. Windows 10 will routinely engage in a multitude of update activities that are neither scheduled nor preventable. Like Adds, News or Store which block the CPU to download information for you to read while you trying to play Witcher 3, which will ultimately force application termination one way or another.

    I believe that Windows 10 Ethernet activities heavily leverage upon Wait IO Socket routines using timeouts rather than No-Wait IO Sockets routines using sleeps and periodic IO completion completion checks. Most programmers believe erroneously that No-Wait IO is easy to implement and works more reliably that No-Wait IO, but I have never had any trouble using No-Wait IO and periodic sleeps. I did this because its less intrusive upon the users. The advantage is that the CPU is always available for to processing, in that it never blocks.

    The sad performance of Windows 10 when attempting Ethernet access over a closed Network connection seems to indicate that the CPU is being blocked repeatably by said access, in that when I terminate the offending Applications and/or Update's the System Performance returns to normal. I can not control when these things run, they just do subject to the dictates of their internal coding.

    I call these applications leeches. Not all leeches are from Microsoft: EzUpdate (ASUS), Google Updater, MSI Updater, etc.

    I have discovered that being constantly connected to the internet helps Windows 10 performance, but a lot of back ground activity still slows down performance and advertisement notices during a game can be problematic.

    I really have no idea how Microsoft can fix this fatal design flaw in Windows 10 but adding more leeches to the mix is ill advised.
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    terminating all update activities running in the background.
    I suspect therein lies part of your problem. I don't see any background (I assume you mean almost continuous) update activity.

    When idle, my network activity is typically 0.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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    What do you see?

    Note: updates could include: universal apps updating (frequent scheduled task); AV update; background data updates (configurable in Settings); Windows update; Defender update; other installed program update....

    Windows 10 will routinely engage in a multitude of update activities that are neither scheduled nor preventable.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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ID:	195706
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    Windows 10 Pro version Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.248)
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    Not to bad right now, which kind of surprised me because they like to activate when connecting to the internet. I can not really predict or control when these things run. I can usually tell they are running because things slow down.

    The Microsoft Applications are far worse when not connected. I have MSI Live Update Service. EZ Update. I will normally terminate these when running games.

    I am actually trying to figure out why the Windows 10 1803 (OS Build 17134.165) update totally broke my system and how to post information for help. I can't figure why everything has stopped working after the update.
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    Sorry to hear you have problems- 1803 has a poor reputation. You have 10 days from upgrading to go back to the previous build. You may wish to start a separate thread detailing your problems and specifying your exact Windows build.

    We constantly urge users to protect themselves and act defensively by using disk imaging routinely, so as to preserve their current working state. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage for disk image sets.

    Things can and will go wrong.
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