How do I easily get these SSD partitions I want with least SSD wear Solved

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    How do I easily get these SSD partitions I want with least SSD wear

    For new laptop with only Windows 10 Pro 64 v1803 & some utilities installed:

    I HAVE: a 1 TB SSD (NVMe M.2). Win 10 "Disk Management" says SSD has:
    952 GB total Capacity [gigantic] in my C: Windows partition
    52 GB used Capacity [small] in my C: Windows partition

    I WANT: the 1 TB SSD (NVMe M.2) existing C: Windows partition to change to:
    266 GB total Capacity [optimum] for my C: Windows partition (52 GB used)
    686 GB total Capacity [optimum] for a D: Data partition

    PROBLEM IS: Win 10 "Disk Management" only allows a Minimum of
    505 GB total Capacity [overlarge] for my C: Windows partition (52 GB used)
    according to size info it gives me when I right-click & select Shrink.

    Above is my situation now. Can you answer 3) brief questions below?:

    1) Am I correct the answer to getting the partitions I want is to use better defragmenting and partitioning tool(s) than Disk Management? OR, is there some other approach I must take (and if so, what?)?

    IF such better tool(s) are the answer, NOTE 1a) through 1c) below:

    1a) I'd like the easiest documented way to get the above partitions I want, since I'm UNknowledgeable on defragmenting and partitioning.

    1b) I'm hoping for easy defrag/partitioning tool(s) for a SSD with priority on defragmentatiion to a set size so reduce wear on the SSD (i.e. defragment SSD only enough so existing 52 GB fits in set size of 266 GB,
    then easily shrink the C: partition size to 266 GB and set me up a D: partition with size of 686 GB).

    1c) I'd prefer free tool(s), but am willing to buy tool(s) for much better ease of use (and defragmentation only to a set size as per above paragraph).

    2) Should the tool(s) generate a CD/FlashDrive I boot from, so I can defrag the C: partition (because cannot defrag live Windows OS C:?)?

    3) ***What specific defragmenting and partitioning tool(s) do you suggest I use to produce the partitions in the I WANT: paragraph above?

    Thanks for any advice and answers you can provide.
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    I wouldn't defragment it at all.

    Here's what should be the best tool. The free version is fine.

    I wouldn't be at all excited about wear on an SSD.

    Free Download MiniTool Partition Wizard | Best Partition Manager for Windows PC and Server

    It should allow you to shrink C to a smaller size.
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    Minitool Partition Wizard is what you need. It's also useful for perusing the contents of hidden partitions should you need to do so. Don't worry too much about SSD wear. I have a 2012 Intel SSD used daily which still shows 100% remaining life in the Intel SSD utility.
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    ignatzatsonic and Steve C:

    Thanks for your prompt replies recommending MiniTool Partition Wizard Free!

    I'll try it out in a week or so (given my schedule) and let you know how things go.
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    MiniTool Partition Wizard took my very large SSD C: Windows partition & gave me the small C:Windows & the large D: Data partitions I want.

    I elected to buy MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro (with 1 year of updates) because it generates a MiniTool flash drive (or bootable CD) which you use to boot up MiniTool. This boot allows MiniTool to do its thing on the C: Windows partition while C: Windows is NOT booted live & running Windows as you try to partition it, which I like.

    This approach is recommended for SSDs by MiniTool, which also shows how to make MiniTool bootable flash drive (~ to CD I made) here:
    Want to Resize Partition on SSD? Try the Simplest Way!

    Plus a response from MiniTool support also suggested this approach. (Versus the Split menu selection I would've used if I hadn't asked.) Support email is good (it really is 24x7)--I had an average 4-hour response at all hours to several inquiries about MiniTool. I'm happy to pay for good support like that. I also found a web offer that gave me 40% off Pro's $39 including its 1 yr priority support.

    Using the Help in MiniTool, I got examples to proceed with the 2)-step process MiniTool Support gave me for solving my problem:

    1) Use the Move/Resize Partition menu selection to shrink C: Windows partition to size I want and leave unallocated space for step 2):

    2) Use the Create Partition menu selection to turn the above unallocated space into a D: Data partition of the size I want.

    Thanks you guys for your help. I've marked this problem Solved.
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    You could have got the previous bootable version Pwfree91.iso for free and burned a CD or made a bootable USB drive e.g.
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