Lost My Network After 1803 Update

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  1.    20 May 2018 #1

    Lost My Network After 1803 Update

    Prior to the update I had 4 Computers linked over my Wireless Network.

    After the update the Network was lost.

    I checked that all the Drives and/or Folders were still shared, they are.

    First: I went into Network Credentials on all 4 machines and made sure that all 4 plus the Network ID
    were listed (some weren't) and had the same Name and Password.

    After that, all 4 Computers showed up in Network, BUT, I cannot access them. I get two error messages,
    that are not the same on each Computer.

    First, I get a "Network Error" Windows cannot access WIN10-64 (the computer I am trying to get into).

    I tried copying and pasting the Error Message, but could not.

    On other tries, I get the Network Credentials Screen pop-up. I enter the Name and Password that I
    put into Network Credentials, and it will not work.

    At this point I am stuck. Any ideas how I can get my Network back working ?


    Richard S.

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       20 May 2018 #2

    Lost mine too. I've tried all the fixes in all the post. They were all just temporary. I guess we will have to wait on Microsoft to get a fix that works.
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  3.    20 May 2018 #3

    That's not very encouraging ...
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  4.    20 May 2018 #4

    Were you using home group as that has now been removed you now revert to work group. As Windows is in effect a new version any old credentials are not relevant so you need to apply new one. You photos point to your HD so we can't see the errors
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  5.    20 May 2018 #5

    I know about "Homegroup" being eliminated. My Computers are all on a "Workgroup" and have
    been since the beginning.
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  6.    20 May 2018 #6

    This may not be the correct answer for your situation, but if you cannot see a computer in Explorer which is on your network, on the computer you cannot see open the Services.msc.

    On that, look for a service named Function Discovery Resource Publication and start it. That computer should now show up in the Network section of Explorer. If it works, set the service to start automatically or automatically delayed.

    There are a couple of threads about this and it helped me see the other computers on my network. Possibly, when Microsoft did away with the homegroup they neglected to account for the need for this service.
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  7.    21 May 2018 #7

    Been there, done that ... no help. Also, the Computers show up under Network in Explorer, just can't get into them.

    One responder said he got his Network back by changing all the Computer Names. At this point
    I have nothing to lose, so I'll try it Monday.

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  8.    21 May 2018 #8

    w1ksz said: View Post
    Been there, done that ... no help. Also, the Computers show up under Network in Explorer, just can't get into them.
    Someone in another forum had exactly the same response. I also, thought it had not worked until I turned on another system and the other system showed up. That is when I realized starting the service fixes the problem for other computers, not the one you start the service on.

    Just now I started up a system I had set on Automatic (Delayed) startup and when I opened explorer it had not yet populated the window. Starting the service showed it immediately so I changed mine to Automatic.

    If you want to go to the share, use the \\SystemName\ and see if it will ask for your credentials. I could always get to mine by using the IP address instead of HostName but it would not stick if I closed Explorer or even made another selection in the window.

    If you cannot get to a share, try setting up an Advanced share to make sure there is something for it to see.
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  9.    21 May 2018 #9

    Also, it doesn't seem you need Credentials in the Credentials manager to access other systems. One is set up for my NAS but not for other computers. If you do get the popup for User and Password, try both local and Microsoft user names. Of course, the Microsoft user name may need the entire e-mail address.
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  10.    21 May 2018 #10

    SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!
    Well, almost, 98% there.

    I had to change the Computer Names on all 4 Computers. Then after several re-boots of each one, I finally got
    all 4 Computers to show up under Network in Explorer.

    Then, there were two folders on one Computer I could not access. After searching I found that in each of those
    two folders, under Properties/Security, there was one name missing. That name was on all the other Folders.
    I added the name to those two and that issue went away.

    Now, the last issue, but I have a workaround. When on Computer A I try to access a Directory on Computer B,
    (Computer C has no problem with that access), Network Credentials rears it's ugly head. I found if click on More,
    then OK, I get access.

    Don't ask me why ... I found from years of painful experience with Software that if you find something that works,
    don't ask why. I swear some of these programs are written by people from another Planet !!

    So, I finally have my Network back, for now. Who knows what will happen when I try to access some file on another
    Computer. Just toss that salt over your shoulder and pray.

    Thanks to all that replied,

    Richard S.
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