Let's run Win10 on really really old hardware

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       09 Nov 2018 #281

    eLPuSHeR said: View Post
    I am either going to try to upgrade RAM to 1 or 2 GB and install w10 (preferred route) or try to convince my customer to install some lightweight Linux. I am against using WinXP and haven't found any suitable browser that allows me to use Youtube for instance.
    Upgrade RAM to 2GB, it shouldn't be much more expensive than 1GB. Then install Windows 10 32-bit. See in BIOS if you can limit graphics memory and set it to 64MB or 128MB. You will not notice any impact in graphics, unless you are running a game or something. Avoid Linux by all costs, it is not as easy to use as you think and your client will keep calling you for advice. As for Windows XP you can run Firefox 50 (do not remember exactly the last version) and have support for Youtube etc. You can also install an old version of Chrome, buit I recommend Firefox.
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  2.    09 Nov 2018 #282

    I have already ordered 2GB of RAM (ran the Crucial advisor). I have tried two different Linux distros (Lubuntu and Puppy Tahr) and it ran exactly as bad as WinXP. In fact, Youtube playing was indeed worse under Linux.
    In BIOS reserved VRAM can be 64 or 128 MB. It seems a tad faster when using 128MB (and I think I recall that was the minimum for Flash Player to function properly).

    PS - By the way: Having a slow one-core processor doesn't help either but I think it's manageable provided there is enough RAM. I am pretty sure w10 will run mostly fine.
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    Windows 7 and Windows 10
       11 Nov 2018 #283

    Which model is it? I've got Windows 7 on an Eee PC 701sd which is nice and zippy with 2GB ram but it does have a bigger than standard ssd in it. And that's less than 1Ghz. The ram does make a huge difference. In terms of Linux am not a fan of Puppy or Lubuntu. Bodhi linux works on anything and is fast. You could try that if you want Linux on it. 4.5 is long term support - the newest one isn't quite there yet.

    So with the oldest smallest netbooks I've found - to run anything beyond XP you need to have a big enough/upgraded hard drive or ssd and 2GB ram.

    I had an Eee Mk90H (9" disney netbook) running Windows 10 very well with 2GB ram, but it was atom N270. Atom N450 is ok for it too. Some of the older celerons won't run it if it's less than 1Ghz but they will run Windows 7. Set Windows 7 to "basic" (looks a bit like XP then) and it speeds up a lot too.

    Chrome or Firefox should both run youtube fine - if you have enough ram. Clean install tends to work best too with older hardware.
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  4.    12 Nov 2018 #284


    I think it's an ACER Aspire 3610 model, but I am saying this from the top of my head. Awaiting for the components (RAM) to arrive.
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    A generic graphics driver with little or none acceleration could explain YouTube performance in Linux. That's why I recommend always installing official Intel (or whatever) drivers, if possible. Install Windows 10 32-bit, remove all optical effects except the last 4 checkboxes (see my earlier post) and it should be fast (assuming it is at least Intel 945G, not 915G).
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    Windows 7 and Windows 10
       12 Nov 2018 #286

    If it is that model it is Intel 910 and it wonít run Windows 10 - no graphics driver. Same as my eee pcís with 910. But it will run Windows 7. If there isnít a manufacturer driver for Windows 7 you can use the xp driver and set it in compatibility mode for Xp sp 3.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1803 (April 2018 build 17134.472)
       12 Nov 2018 #287

    Use Aida64 or Speccy to see what graphics card you have. If it is Intel 910/915/925 no WDDM driver, install Windows 7 32-bit and then Windows XP driver in compatibility mode (or force it manually). If it is 945G and newer, install Windows 10 32-bit and then latest Windows 7 32-bit driver.
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  8.    12 Nov 2018 #288

    Thanks. RAM hasn't arrived yet. I will check chipset as soon as possible.
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  9.    15 Nov 2018 #289

    OK. Installed RAM and everything seems okay. RAM detected okay.

    Now I am having one big trouble:
    Tested installed WinXP and Youtube felt as slow as before.
    When booting from w10 usb stick I always get an IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL BSOD and the system reboots.
    I am now burning w10 media to DVD to see if there is more luck this way.

    Wish me luck. This laptop is getting on my nerves.
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    Windows 7 and Windows 10
       15 Nov 2018 #290

    Hi. It wonít run Windows 10. That message is because thereís no graphics driver for Intel 915. Had it myself recently. You could install Windows 7 - that will run fine. YouTube is more ikely affected by internet speed/WiFi. It takes getting fully installed and updates done and then various settings changed to get the speed on a netbook and then try out things like YouTube. I have Windows 7 on a 7Ē Eee PC and itís nice and nippy with the right settings and will also play YouTube videos. But it does have an ssd drive. What hard drive is in your pc? I think itís more likely that XP is very old and unsupported that youíre having issues with YouTube and connecting to the internet on xp is quite risky these days. A virus would also slow things up.

    What I would do is - download parted magic onto a usb (maybe on another pc so you donít infect your usb) and wipe the drive by filling it with zeros (unless itís an ssd). This will clean everything and make it like a new drive - speeds them up a bit. Then clean install Windows 7 or your chosen Linux

    I find itís the easiest way when it has xp on as you canít get up to date antivirus to run to check if itís clean and most web browsers are unsupported too.
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