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  1.    2 Weeks Ago #251

    Okay sorry for multiposting. My friend's laptop is a workstation and, the advice to run the script coming from me, I feel kind of in a rush to help him solvethe problem. So I admit to not having read the thread thoroughly. But:
    pf100 said: View Post
    I got CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED BSOD at next reboot.
    IIRC, his report was CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.


    pf100 said: View Post
    Safe mode didn't help, and I had to manually revert the permission changes (using another OS) to the hijacker files in System32.
    So it seems to be possible to revert the lethal changes? How do you do that?
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  2.    2 Weeks Ago #252

    The problem is now confirmed that disabling upfc.exe in script 2.5.6 is the cause of the BSOD's on 1803.
    The fix is here.
    You can get 2.5.5 here which doesn't have the problem. Uninstall 2.5.6 first before using 2.5.5!
    2.5.5 SHA1 hash: 488f5e24609f0ef6f388cba334d9119b0e61f4e3

    Can you guys report what version of the script you were using when you got a BSOD? I'm working on finding out exactly what happened.
    This seems to be happening with 1803 only. So now I have reports of BSOD's with 1803 KB4471324, KB4462919, and KB4483234 using the script. I'll make a repair guide as soon as possible but first I have to find out what happened which I should know in a few hours, but if it takes longer than that I'll stop and make a repair guide and I should have that within 6 hours from now. I have to weigh preventing further BSOD's with helping those that already have them. I've been working on this since last night (slept a few hours though).
    Any more detailed info you can give will be a big help.
    Thanks for bearing with me and my sincerest apologies for the trouble.

    Edit: So far, I've tried to break 18309.1000 and 1809 with any stage of updates with the script 2.5.6 and 2.5.5 and so far I'm not having any issues. I'm working my way back and trying 1803 next. I'll have more info later...
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  3.    2 Weeks Ago #253

    Thanks for keeping up with the support!

    All this happened about 7 hours ago, including the download, so I guess it must have been the latest version of the script. Again I can't tell the exact version of Win10.
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  4.    2 Weeks Ago #254

    I just got a report that this only happens with script 2.5.6. The only substantial difference between 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 is that I disabled upfc.exe. You can get 2.5.5 here. Uninstall 2.5.6 first before using 2.5.5!
    2.5.5 SHA1 hash: 488f5e24609f0ef6f388cba334d9119b0e61f4e3

    Edit: @Eamoex, you're the second one to report that it's the latest script. It's looking like 2.5.5 is the fix then in the link above.
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  5.    2 Weeks Ago #255

    The problem is now confirmed that disabling upfc.exe in script 2.5.6 is the cause of the BSOD's on 1803.
    You can get 2.5.5 here which doesn't have the problem. Uninstall 2.5.6 first before using 2.5.5!
    2.5.5 SHA1 hash: 488f5e24609f0ef6f388cba334d9119b0e61f4e3
    Working on repair guide now... Repair guide in next post.
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  6.    2 Weeks Ago #256

    How to fix wrapper script 2.5.6 BSOD on 1803:

    If you can get to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt in Windows 10 Recovery Environment go to step "3".
    You may can force it by holding power button until it forces a shutdown enough times or if it boot-loops enough times. If not, make a windows 10 install flash drive or DVD and go to step "1".

    1) Boot to normal Windows 10 install media. Make sure to use x64 media on an x64 windows install or x86 media on an x86 install.

    2) When you get to the first screen to install, press shift+F10 to open command prompt.

    3) type command below and hit "enter"
    dir c: /w

    4) If you see a Windows folder, good, if not, try replacing "c:" in step 3 with "d:", then "e:", etc. until you find it. Then, enter the drive letter you found the Windows folder on like this (if it's c drive), then "enter".

    5) Run this command
    cd \windows\system32

    6) Run this command. If it shows you the file upfc.exe you're in the right place. If not, go back to step 3 and start again.
    dir upfc.exe

    7) Take ownership of upfc.exe.
    takeown /f upfc.exe /a

    8) Add removed permissions back to upfc.exe (reset to default permissions).
    icacls upfc.exe /reset

    9) Click the "X" in command prompt window, and then in installation menu box, to "cancel installation" which will reboot you into Windows 10.

    10) Uninstall Wrapper Script 2.5.6 by, a) clicking "Uninstaller_undo-all-script-changes" from "WUMT Wrapper Script" folder in start menu if you installed with script installer, or, b) run "Uninstaller_undo-all-script-changes.cmd" in 2.5.6 wrapper script folder if you didn't install it. Either way will work. Make sure you're using the 2.5.6 uninstaller, it'll say so in the uninstaller window title. Make sure to disable internet during uninstallation if you don't want to do updates yet. If you do "b" and the script was installed from the installer, you'll have start menu entries that don't go anywhere, so to fix that, right click and delete "WUMT Wrapper Script" from the start menu.

    11) The file %systemroot%\System32\upfc.exe should now be owned by TrustedInstaller and you can check that by right clicking on the file upfc.exe, then Properties > Security > Advanced, then at the top of the window it should say "Owner: TrustedInstaller". If so, skip ahead to step "14". If for whatever reason it's not, continue to step "12".

    12) Run cmd.exe as administrator

    13) Copy and paste command below to restore upfc.exe file ownership to TrustedInstaller like it was originally.
    icacls "%systemroot%\System32\upfc.exe" /setowner *S-1-5-80-956008885-3418522649-1831038044-1853292631-2271478464

    14) Delete all copies of 2.5.6 and install 2.5.5.

    15) Done.
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  7.    2 Weeks Ago #257

    Thanks a million. Your well-written guide has taken my friend out of muddy waters in a snap. He told me he'd register at TenForums and chime in himself.
    I'd add rep again myself if the forum allowed me to!
    Have a nice Sunday!
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  8.    2 Weeks Ago #258

    @Eamoex, I'm glad the fix helped your friend. I'm working on a recovery script to be included with future versions of the wrapper script that you can run from a Windows 10 install usb flash or DVD. This should never happen again, but if it does I want to make it easy to fix.
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  9.    2 Weeks Ago #259

    I'm the friend of @Eamoex who got trouble with the version 2.5.6.
    I would like to thank you sincerely for your quick and very professional answer, I greatly appreciated it.

    I have a question:
    first, you should know that I didn't install the Wrapper script but only copy the portable version to my hard drive.

    from your precise repair guide, I went only until the step 9. as I my PC works fine I didn't run "Uninstaller_undo-all-script-changes.cmd" and delete the complete folder after. I will keep on going and install the 2.5.5 later, is it problematic?
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  10.    1 Week Ago #260

    @gabarit If you stopped at step 9, the file upfc.exe is still owned by you and not TrustedInstaller. I doubt that would cause a problem, but I like putting things back the way they were before modification just to be sure. But you should be okay.
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